Find 55 Plus Communities in Florida

Do you dream of retiring in a pleasant 55 plus community that offers affordable, pleasant homes near the water? Then that dream is not far from reality—in fact, one of the best 55+ communities in the sunny state of Florida is located within walking distance of the best beaches in the state. Their houses are even customizable to suit your taste. Simply choose from their floor plans and personalize nearly everything—from the color palette of the interior, to the material of the countertops, to the shade of the siding, down to other exterior features such as the roof and shutters.

After moving into their friendly community, all you need to do is relax and they will take care of the rest. Their low community fees include yard maintenance, ground fertilizations, professional landscaping, irrigation maintenance, watering and cutting of the grass, sweeping of the streets, and common lighting such as street lights. They also have a gated swimming pool, community clubhouse, and lounge area where you could relax and socialize with neighbors. If you want an up close and personal look, then you could participate in their free, zero obligation tour of their model home. You could even have a taste of how it would feel like to live there and spend your afternoon lounging in their pool or swimming in the nearby beach.

Not only is their community world class—the area it is located in is also highly desirable. The best 55 plus community in Florida is located minutes away from movie theatres, shopping malls, boardwalks, golf courses, outlet stores, museums, restaurants, art galleries, and of course, fine beaches. You will never get bored if you want to get the best out of life, although the community is also peaceful for those who want zero stress and maximum relaxation. If you want to bring your dog or cat along, don’t worry—they allow well-behaved pets.

Retirement Communities in Florida – Retirement and Investment Plan

Retirement communities are flourishing in many locations all over the country, most significantly in the beach state of Florida. While many retirees have their eyes on brand new retirement neighborhoods that are still in development, active senior communities in Florida continue to attract the over 55 market. There are many affordable retirement communities in Florida that offer just the right mix of location, community, properties, cost, and cost of living many people look for in a second home locale. Below are some advantages of established retirement communities over developing neighborhoods you should consider when planning your retirement and second home investment in Florida:

  • Active senior communities in Florida that have been around for years will save you the hassle and inconvenience of having new developments being built around you. No one wants to spend their retirement days to the tune of stirring and whirring construction equipment and delivery trucks.
  • There is also less uncertainty about investing in a well-established retirement community than placing your bet on developers who may not get enough sales that they may choose to abandon the project halfway through, leaving your supposed new community partially developed and stripped of all the features you’ve been promised to have upon its completion.
  • Established retirement communities are also the most affordable retirement communities in Florida. When you choose to invest in an established community, you never have to worry about price instability, which is all too common in new developments. Established communities see less home price fluctuations and adjustments and when they do, prices don’t swing as far from the original offer as many new developments do.
  • Finally, established retirement communities have mature landscaping, which means more dense foliage to enjoy than new developments where parks, yards, and lawns simply haven’t had enough time to grow just yet.

Where to Find the Most Affordable Retirement Communities in Florida

Retirement can be a rewarding stage—you get to do what you want with all the time you have. But you also need to spend your money wisely and carefully manage your finances because you are no longer working. Buying a home at an affordable retirement community in Florida is a great way to avoid spending too much on a house, so you can have resources for other important matters. Even if you are trying to trying to save money, though, you should not settle for a shabby retirement community. Reward you for all your hard work by choosing a well-priced and comfortable community where you can live a convenient and worry-free life.

The most affordable retirement communities in Florida can be found in Sebastian City, especially in the beautiful Indian River County. The best communities will help you acquire your new home at a price that won’t make much of a dent on your nest egg. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a house and still have enough money for new furniture, other investments, and for future use? Look for retirement communities in areas where you will no longer have to pay for property taxes and income taxes. Consider communities that professionally manage their grounds and facilities so that you will not have to pay for anyone else to maintain your lawn or cut the grass anymore. You can also expect the best communities to provide you with cable TV and internet connection.

Even the most affordable home communities charge a neighborhood maintenance fee. However, this should only be a small amount. There are retirement communities in Florida that will give you access to swimming pools, lounging areas, and a clubhouse. You will be able to save money best buy purchasing a home that already includes site preparation, electric supply connection, county water and sewer connection, and home installation.

Finding Active Adult Communities in Florida Today Become Easier Than Ever Before

Buying a house in active 55+ communities in Florida is now easier and more affordable than ever—which is really good news if you want to be prudent about how you spend your retirement savings. Staying at the best (yet affordable) active adult communities in Florida will give you full access to facilities and conveniences that you have always dreamed of, such as a swimming pool and clubhouse. These retirement communities are built for stress free living so they provide professionally managed grounds and facilities.

One of the aspects that you must look into when choosing a home community is the neighborhood. A community that is friendly, interactive, immersive, and laidback will allow you to make the most out of your retirement living. Buy a home in an area where you would not need to shovel mountains of snow anymore nor deal with cold and harsh weather. Among the best active 55+ communities in Florida can be found in Sebastian City in Indian River County. The neighborhood is close to Vero Beach and Cocoa Beach, where you can enjoy sunshine and sea breeze. It is also only less than a 2-hour drive away from Disneyland!

Sebastian City has retirement home communities that professionally manage facilities such as high-quality and reasonably-priced homes, regularly maintained lawns and grounds, gated swimming pool and lounging area, and a community clubhouse. You will enjoy zero property taxes, low community fees, maintenance-free living, no income tax, no heating bills, and most importantly, no snow! The low monthly dues that you will be required to pay already covers everything relating to maintenance. It is truly a stress-free living because someone else will be landscaping your lawn, watering the grass, cutting and maintaining your yard, and sweeping the street. You can expect the best active 55+ communities in Florida to take care of those mundane things for you.

Evaluating 55+ Manufactured Home Communities by the Amenities They Offer

Purchasing a home from 55+ manufactured home communities would probably be the best option if you want to save money. High quality manufactured homes can be customized according to your preferences. The construction process is mostly done in a controlled factory environment where modules are built. These modules are then delivered to your chosen site, where engineers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians assemble them. The result is a durable, beautiful home that is designed for your unique needs during your retirement.

For you to be able to fully enjoy your retirement living, you must first and foremost choose a home community that has a friendly neighborhood as well as an immersive laidback environment. Find an area where you would no longer have to deal with mounts of snow and cold weather. Good retirement home communities will give you access to all the conveniences and amenities that you have always imagined.

Indian River County is home to 55+ manufactured home communities that are ideal for those who want to be close to Vero Beach and Cocoa Beach, as well as shopping, entertainment, dining, and medical facilities. Choose a community that offers high-quality and affordable homes, professionally maintained lawns and grounds, gated swimming pool and lounging area, and a community clubhouse. There are also zero property taxes, low community fees, maintenance-free living, no income tax, no heating bills, and of course, no snow! There is no need for you to worry about landscaping your lawn, watering the grass, cutting and maintaining your yard, and sweeping the street. Everything will be taken care of for you. You will also have access to cable television as well as high-speed Internet.

Choose a home community that has homes that are covered by at least a 15-month warranty. The best retirement community would also have an established set of standards that will help you and your neighbors protect your investments.

Choose An Active 55+ Community To Enjoy Your Retirement Life In Florida

Retirement is seen as the golden period of one’s life when you’re meant to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Aiming for a stress-free life and a relaxing lifestyle is something everyone deserves after years of hard work and sacrifice. When people enter their mid 50’s they start planning for their retirement, wishing to live life on their own terms. This is a phase of life when most people seek to fulfill all the dreams and desires they once had but could not pursue due to one reason or another.

Retirement life becomes more eventful when people get to live the life they want in the company of like-minded people. There are numerous 55+ communities in Florida that help people meet others of a similar background while getting a new chance to pursue their interests.

Here is why these communities in the state are so popular:


The Sunshine state offers a warm and luxurious environment for people to enjoy the sun and beaches. The state has a number of great locations that have a climate that suits retired people while allowing them to enjoy the comfort of their home.


The locations of these communities are built away from the polluted, noisy cities and towns. And yet these places have all the amenities and facilities a retired person could ever want. Moreover, these places are near highways and easily accessible from airports, bus stations or public transportation. In addition, civic amenities such as restaurants, malls, bars, cafes, hospitals, police stations, fires stations, etc. are also found near these communities.


These communities provide the best amenities for their residents. Many of these communities focus on social and recreational activities that are planned by the community members. Apart from these, some of the luxuries that add to the charm of these residences include:

  • State-of-the-art security
  • High-quality interiors
  • Superior fixtures and fittings
  • Easily to reach singles-story homes
  • Professionally maintained lawns and grounds
  • Gated swimming pool and lounge areas
  • Community clubhouse, etc.
  • Golf courses

Is A Florida 55+ Community The Right Choice For Your Grandparents?

Your grandparents are always there for you no matter what. You know they have sacrificed so much for everyone in the family. Now it is your turn to do something special for them! Helping them purchase a 55+ community retirement home is the best gift you can give your loving grandparents.

The ideal place where your grandparents should live and enjoy quality time is Florida. The warm and sunny weather is just perfect for people of your grandparent’s generation. They will enjoy the weather more than the cold climate and freezing temperatures that they have endured all their lives. Florida will be a pleasant change of pace for them with all the stunning beaches and stress-free lifestyle.

Here is how 55+ communities in Florida can help your grandparents live life to the fullest:

  • Keeping fit and active: 55+ community homes provide incredible amenities which help keep retirees physically fit and active. They offer many recreational and outdoor activities that keep ailments and common medical conditions at bay.
  • Sense of community: These retirement community homes also bring in a sense of belonging among residents, positively influencing their well-being and quality of life. Residents are encouraged to pursue common interests and hobbies that help them to make life-long friends.
  • Convenient floor plans: These community retirement homes also have well-designed floor plans that suit all types of lifestyles and budgets. Homes are also maintenance friendly and are designed in a way that helps the residents easily get around and enjoy their day.
  • Well located: This is an important factor that really helps save a lot of time and energy, especially while running daily errands. Most retirement homes are located conveniently near major grocery stores, medical centers, pharmacies, restaurants and shopping malls are in close vicinity. One can easily finish daily chores within minutes and get more time to socialize and enjoy.
  • Safety measures: most community retirement homes have on-site security staff who allow only approved guests and residents to enter the premises. This keeps the community safe and secure at all times.

With these benefits—and more—your grandparents will definitely love to relocate to Florida and start a new chapter in their life.