Are You Searching For Affordable Retirement Communities In Florida?


Florida is the most popular retirement state for seniors because it offers excellent perks, from tax benefits to calm weather (say goodbye to snow). Are you thinking of retiring here? The good news is, you can choose from a wide range of retirement communities in the state. Florida is home to wonderful beaches and even has the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the country, Lake Okeechobee. It is also home to many golf courses; in fact, Palm Beach County has the most number of courses per county in the US. When searching for retirement communities, here are some factors you need to consider:


  • If you never want to pay rent, then choose to purchase manufactured homes in senior communities. Affordable retirement communities can even allow you to choose interior and exterior features as well as the floor plan. Don’t forget to ask about taxes and fees. Opt for homes with zero property and income taxes as well as minimal community fees.
  • What are the amenities in the community? You didn’t come to Florida to be bored to death. See to it that the retirement community offers excellent amenities like pools and clubhouses. It also helps if the retirement community can handle certain services (like exterior maintenance of your home). You don’t want to spend your retirement years mowing your lawn, after all.
  • Where is the community located? The prices of homes in retirement communities vary depending on the cities in which they are located. It’s better to search for retirement communities in more quiet cities of Florida where prices are lower, and the vibe is much calmer. You don’t want to be living with loud teenagers during spring break or noisy families during the summer.


A good city to start your search for affordable retirement communities is Sebastian, Florida. Known as the Sky Diving Capital of the World, Sebastian is peaceful yet remains close to attractions such as cultural centers, shops, restaurants, movie theaters, beaches, and theme parks.




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